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June 17th 2016

The wait is finally over! Conrad Mess’ latest short film “Time To Pay Off Debts” shot on an IPhone 6S+ was premiered in New York. Our Creative Director Tilman Sillescu had a productive collaboration with Conrad and composed the soundtrack:


“I had the honor to to create the soundtrack for the new iPhone movie from Conrad Mess (recently awarded ´Best Global iPhone Filmmaker´ at the International Mobil Film Festival), based on the evergreen ´House of the rising sun´ - really fun to watch if you don't mind seeing people with lots of bullets in their bodies…;)” (Tilman Sillescu – Creative Director)

With the greatest of pleasure we show you the remarkable film written, directed and edited by the Spanish film maker Conrad Mess:


June 14th 2016


Full steam ahead! Dynamedion had the pleasure to work on the TV and online trailer for the new free online game "Rail Nation – Steam over Europe" with music compositions (Alex Röder), sound design (Stefan Kemler) and voice recordings (Marvin Hartmann) by order of Virgin Lands, who among other things develop fantastic high-end 3D animations.

Rail Nation (BRIGHT FUTURE / TRAVIAN GAMES) is a railway strategy game where all players from all over the world can go around to 50 realistic European cities. The new Rail Nation edition “Steam over Europe” contains authentic maps of Europe and shows the most beautiful settings with the most famous sights.

The new update shakes a leg! Enter to the fascination on rails and compete at the fight of regions against other players. Cities have to be supplied with goods and passengers have to be transported. But there’s more you have to do – the new mission is to plan the logistic of harbors and ships. Here, a good working relationship with other players is needed. The new Rail Nation update “Steam over Europe” puts an emphasis on great interaction and community features.

“An enjoyable challenge by music compositions was to react to the different European countries shown in quick succession.” (Felix Diekhake – Project Manager) Get yourself ready for certain European impressions and enjoy the trailer:

The little glass penguin conjures a smile on our faces – We say thank you!

June 8th 2016

Great collaboration, awesome projects and many beaming faces! What more could you expect? A big thank you goes to our customer TENCENT – this time personally by the whole crew. Our work has been rewarded with a great price for “Best Game Audio Content Provider in 2015” and that gives us power and inspiration for further projects. We stay tuned!


June 6th 2016

Once again Dynamedion wins the penguin award from the Chinese company TENCENT for “Best Game Audio Content Provider in 2015”! We are very proud to receive the awesome price a second time. TENCENT is among other things a world-class online game developer and operator, and is recognized as the largest online game community in China. Dynamedion had the pleasure to work on several projects with TENCENT. Our founder and managing director Pierre Langer about the great collaboration:

“This 2015 TENCENT Audio Award means a lot to us. Since we started working with TENCENT 3 years ago, we won it twice which has been a great inspiration and motivation for our team. TENCENT is one of our most important clients worldwide, with great projects that give us the opportunity to show our full range of experience, services and creative approach. It is highly enjoyable to work with TENCENTS Audio Team, sharing the professional workflows and the common mindset we have about game audio. It is our goal to keep on improving the quality of this partnership so that we will continue doing great compositions, sound design and live orchestra recordings together.”


June 2nd 2016


In celebration of the new Dead Island Definitive Collection released on the 31th of May 2016 we had the pleasure to produce a new Dead Island Reveal Trailer.

It is a tribute to the legendary Dead Island trailer which originally debuted 5 years ago. The official announcement trailer was published in 2011 and won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival in the category “Best Internet Film”. Down to the present day the video has been watched about 15 million times. Dynamedion worked on the new reveal trailer with music arrangement, music production and organized a wonderful team of professional musicians. The classical piano quintet charms its listeners with calm, melancholy and gently sounds. The tangent and sensitive melody is in the foreground and lends a distinctive character to the new trailer.

DEAD ISLAND developed by TECHLAND (Poland) and published by DEEP SILVER (Germany) is an action role-playing survival horror video game. The game’s atmosphere is remarkable – on a beautiful island called Banoi with white sand and a fabulous beach, the four main characters have to survive a plague that turned the other residents of the island into flesh-eating zombies. You have to fight your way through this horde of undead creatures and search for missing relatives, medication and foodstuff. You have only one aim: to survive!

The award-winning trailer and its extremely moving music, composed by Giles Lamb, have been reinterpreted in a wonderful video production by Eins Medien where the five musicians and their instruments serve as the canvas by projecting the video on them. The interaction between the projection, the instruments and the musicians is truly exciting. The musicians and the video were recorded in the studio Tonmeister in Mainz (Germany).

making_of_neu making_off_1 making_off_3 making_off_4

The musicians Kai Schumacher (Piano), Beril Sun (Violin 1), Tonja Demianenco (Violin 2), Amélie Legrande (Viola), Emanuel Wehse (Cello) and the seven–headed video team under the direction of Lukas Rinker did an amazing job bringing that awesome trailer to live. The new Dead Island Definite Collection contains enhanced editions of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide together with all previously published DLC and patches for the two games, as well as the newly introduced retro game Dead Island Retro Revenge. It is playable for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The collection comes with many great features as for example an enhanced resolution with 30 frames per second and an overworked user interface for a consistent look between Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide – and many more.


We don´t want to withhold the new Dead Island Reveal Trailer– Tribute anymore. Welcome to the holiday of your life. The dead never looked so alive:

If you want to learn more about Dead Island click here.

We want to say thank you to everybody who was involved in this great project. The collaboration was just wonderful.


April, 18th 2016


Conrad Mess is a Spanish film director, writer and editor. He dreamed of making movies for the first time at the age of 37, which is pretty late compared to other film makers but also a wonderful proove that it’s never too late to start dreaming. He produced his first short film called “Avenger Love” with a consumer home video camera. That were his first small steps and today he is an award-winning movie maker. His signature feature is that he shoots his entire movies on an iPhone. That - for sure - would be a big challenge for every movie maker.

Conrad´s work is unique. His second film is the world´s most awarded iPhone short film and it is called “The Fixer”. This incredible movie features music from Dynamedion’s founder Pierre Langer.

Conrad Mess - “Most of the time I chose music from a composer called Pierre Langer, as for instance for “The Fixer“, I loved his music.”

Since then Conrad recorded a lot of successful and award-winning short films and especially the music in his films is of very great importance for him. Also for his newest project “TIME TO PAY OFF DEBTS” we had a great collaboration with him.

Conrad Mess - “More than once I’ve said that music in my movies is as important as a character, or even more. Music drives you through the movie, improving your feelings very easily. I´ve received the main theme, and amazing music master piece created by Dynamedion (Germany), one of the best European music & sound studio. I want to thank to my friends Pierre Langer, Tilman Sillescu and their team for such a wonderful music track. What Tilman (Dynamedion creative director) is doing for this project will blow your mind.”

conrad_mess2 conrad_mess3 conrad_mess5 conrad_mess4

The filming spot is “The Black Room” in New York. It is one of two bars which operated during the prohibition and still exist today. His upcoming film “TIME TO PAY OFF DEBTS” will be released probably at the end of this month. We are extremely excited and really looking forward to see the film.

Thanks a ton for the great collaboration. We are rejoiced to hear that he likes the results so much. In the future we will collaborate in his feature “Dead End”.

If you want to learn more about the short films of Conrad Mess click on the link below:


April, 11th 2016


Dynamedion worked on the sixth assassination action with the legendary agent 47. Our team had the pleasure to work on this great project with additional music compositions. The AAA video game HITMAN (SQUARE ENIX / IO INTERACTIVE) is one of the best-known games currently on the market. It is an action-packed third-person stealth game that provokes your brainpower. We are also made the sound design for the incredible "HITMAN - World Exclusive Gameplay" trailer. Take a look:

two games Dynamedion has worked on win german computer games award 2016 for "best game / best mobile game".

April, 8th 2016

German Computer Game Award

On the 7th of April 2016 the best games of the year were awarded with the German DCP (German Computer Games Award) award in Munich. ANNO 2205 developed by BLUE BYTE and published by UBISOFT, with music, sound and audio integration plus orchestra recordings by Dynamedion, won the prize in the category “Best German Game”. Dynamedion had the pleasure to be involved in this great project. ANNO 2205 convinced with a great game design and new ideas.

Our mainly responsible sound designer David Osternacher about the collaboration:

“Working on the legendary Anno franchise was an absolute career highlight for me. The team at Ubisoft Blue Byte crafted an amazing gaming experience of unprecedented scale, and asked us to make it whole with the beautiful music and epic sound it deserves. Our composers and sound designers joined forces to create a cinematic Sci-Fi soundscape, designed to completely immerse players in the cities they're building in-game. The challenge didn’t end with content production though. The tremendous freedom that is awarded to the Anno players makes the game totally unpredictable, and thus the sound systems have to be incredibly flexible. The countless hours spent devising and tweaking these systems might make Anno 2205 the most difficult integration project I’ve ever done, but certainly also the most rewarding. Favorite production moment: flipping the proverbial switch after having integrated the first batch of sounds into the game, and hearing the world suddenly come alive.” - David Osternacher

German Computer Game Award

Yesterday was the prize awarded for the eighth time in 14 categories. More than 600 guests from the video game industry joined the event. The DCP award for “Best Mobile Game” went to PATH OF WAR published by ENVISION ENTERTAINMENT with music, sound and audio integration by Dynamedion. PATH OF WAR is a free to play strategy game and internationally successful.

“Path of War was a very different animal from Anno 2205. Envision Entertainment’s ambitious plan called for AAA sound quality, but within the severe technological restrictions of mobile platforms. Through the tireless work of Envision’s software developers, as well as some obsessive calculating and creative systems design on our part, Path of War got the thundering battle sounds and rebel-rousing guitar soundtrack it needed. And all that with a fidelity and variability at a level that is very, very rare in the genre.” - David Osternacher

German Computer Game Award

We are so glad about the prizes, the games are truly outstanding and really deserve the awards. It was such a great collaboration! Thanks from Dynamedion.

Dynamedion composers nominated for "Hollywood Music in Media Awards".

October, 29th 2015

Our composers Armin Haas and Marc Rosenberger together with composer Inon Zur are nominated for the "Hollywood Music in Media Awards" in the category "SONG / SCORE - MOBILE VIDEO GAME" for their music in the game WE MOBA by Tencent. We keep our fingers crossed :-)
Read the full article about the nominees for HMMA on click


Risen 3 - Titan Lords: Interview (german) with the Audio Director and the Dynamedion Composers

September, 11th 2015

The Piranha Fanart portal has posted a (german only) interview with the Risen-3-Audio-Director Stefan Randelshofer and the Dynamedion Composers Jochen Flach and Henning Nugel. They share some information on the music and the sound design. Enjoy the article: click

Music composition & Sound Design for “Mortal Kombat X” by NetherRealm • Warner Bros.

July, 6th 2015

Mortal Kombat X

Our team had the pleasure to invest its creativity into the new AAA title game "Mortal Kombat X" developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. We contributed the music and SFX for several storymode cutscenes.

Felix Diekhake, Senior Sound Designer and Project Manager, summarises:
"Working for the Mortal Kombat franchise was an incredible honor and privilege - and, not least, great fun. Creating and finding the right sounds for the incredibly detailed, gripping cutscenes was definitely a challenge out of the ordinary. While the NetherRealm team was kind enough to share their sound design efforts with us to create a unified soundscape, we nonetheless enjoyed great creative freedom. To have been a small part of the team that created the sound of the masterpiece that is MKX is something I won't soon forget."

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting video game available for PlayStation 3 + 4, Xbox 360 + One and Windows PC; plus mobile versions for iOS and Android devices.

“Lords Of The Fallen” with music & sound by Dynamedion wins German Computer Games Award 2015 for "Best Game"

April, 28th 2015

Lords Of The Fallen

We're really happy for Deck 13 and CI Games for winning the German Computer Games Award 2015 for "Best Game". It was a great pleasure to contribute parts of the sound effects and the wonderful soundtrack together with composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen.

Lords Of The Fallen is an action role-playing fantasy game available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC

Music composition & sound design for “Tian Xia 3” by NetEase

March, 9th 2015

tx3 artwork

2015 has started off quite busy and we’re already heading straight into spring with various exciting projects on our list. We very much like you to partake in what our team is working on, so here’s a word on one of our recent activities: We had the honour of working on the online game “Tian Xia 3”, a colorful work-for-hire project by NetEase, one of China’s market-leading internet companies. Our composers Alex Pfeffer and Jochen Flach contributed parts of the grand ingame and cutscene music and our sound designers Michael Schwendler and Valentin Göllner took care of the sound design for several cutscenes.
Michael tells:"I always enjoy working for fantasy games as I can really get creative with these ones."

The whole “TX3“ project is based on a collaboration with award-winning Israeli American music composer Inon Zur, who also played a significant part in contributing music to this game. We’re happy to be a part of NetEase’s creative community! Enjoy the video and take care:

Dynamedion wins GDA 2014 for “Best Sound” in “Ryse: Son Of Rome”

January, 2nd 2015


We’re closing 2014 with a big THANK YOU on our lips: we are very happy to have won the German Game Developer Award in the category “Best Sound” for “Ryse: Son Of Rome”. Also, the “Lords Of The Fallen”, for which we created both the music composition and sound design, has won in the category “Best Game”. And as the icing on the cake, our creative director Tilman Sillescu and Crytek’s music director Borislav Slavov have been specifically honored for their outstanding work as composers. What more could we ask for?! ;)

Tilman enthuses: "It’s really fantastic and a great honor to win the German Game Developer Award! Working together with my old friend Borislav Slavov, Peter Antowski and Crytek’s Senior Audio Director Campbell Askew for “Ryse: Son Of Rome” was a real pleasure. As always, we almost had 100% freedom of artistic expression and of course, it was well worth recording the whole soundtrack with a big live orchestra which enabled us to fairly rock especially the action tracks! ;)”

In the end, it all comes down to our loyal supporters and partners. We’re wishing you a good start to the New Year.


December, 30th 2014

korea game award 2014 logo

Korean game developer NDOORS joined one of our open orchestra recording sessions to record the track ROME for their mobile game. The recordings were fun and we're happy that NDOORS was awarded with a KOREA GAME AWARD for "BEST MUSIC & SOUND". Congratulations!

NDOORS Team Manager Peter Dal Woo Kim: "It's been 3 years already since I met Dynamedion's Managing Director Pierre in South Korea on his business trip. I was always hungry for an orchestra recording for my pieces for game music but the traditionally huge budget was the only problem. We were developing a game for a mobile platform so the orchestral music was considered as an excessive expense. In this cases the open recording session offer from Dynamedion was the most reasonable option to me. First I was a bit worried about the quality but that concern was immediately refuted when I heard the first version.
How could I imagine that I could win the "Game Music Award 2014" when we had a casual conversation about an open recording session? =)
Even though I was not at the recording site, everything went smooth. This open session oppertunity might lead your career to the next level."

Thank you Peter. We’re happy for your success.

korea game award 2014

korea game award 2014

German Game Developer Awards 2014: Three games with music by Dynamedion nominated for "BEST AUDIO"

December, 6th 2014


Dynamedion has been nominated three times for the German Game Developer Award 2014 for Best Sound in “Lords Of The Fallen” by Deck13: Interactive, “Risen 3 – Titan Lords” by Piranha Bytes and “Son Of Rome” by Crytek Frankfurt.

Managing Director Pierre Langer: "We are very proud to be again part of the nominees for this year’s German Game Developer Award. Since its debut in 2004 this award show has gained a lot of popularity and truly is the one and only German Game Industry Award. The shows always have been great fun and we were lucky enough to win the audio category 6 times out of 10. So now we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope to win the 2014 trophy as well."

Thank you! We’re looking forward to the announcement of the award winner.

Little bee real big: “Maya” gets orchestral support by Dynamedion

October, 30th 2014

After humming across our TV screens for the last almost 40 years, with a storyline tracing back to the 1920s, “Maya The Bee” now flies straight to the big cinema screens across the country to charm the next generation of children. Dynamedion contributed the orchestra recordings and is delighted to be a part of this Australian-German project, produced by “Studio 100 Media” and “Buzz Studios” with the German TV channel “ZDF”.

You can listen to some of the music in the following trailer:


August, 20th 2014

Dynamedion composed the music for the opening ceremony of the DFL-Supercup (German Football League).

Felix, one of our sound designers and project manager of this venture, says: "To work for the DFL and thus for the German Football League is something very special of course and it was a lot of fun to manage this project. Writing a powerful musical piece that’s just perfect for the DFL-Supercup opening ceremony was an exciting challenge. To then finally see the opening ceremony via live stream and hear our composer Alex Pfeffer’s music composition being aired at the stadium was pretty awesome!"

Thank you DFL for choosing DYNAMEDION!


July, 15th 2014

The opening theme of the famous and most successful German soap opera “GZSZ” (abbrev. for “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” - in English “good times, bad times“) by RTL • UFA SERIAL DRAMA was revised and got a musical makeover by our Dynamedion composers. The opening theme still sounds familiar and kept its well-known and popular melody and text, but got a refreshing up-speed electro-pop treatment. To create this special sound, we teamed up with “Glasperlenspiel”, a young German singer-songwriter band, who has successfully enriched the charts during the last years.

Have a listen yourself, find the opening theme here (German Website)


June, 6th 2014

In addition to recording complete symphonic orchestras, DYNAMEDION has access to a wide range of professional soloists. This video shows the soloist recordings for the "THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE" recordings.


April, 10th 2014

The Elder Scrolls is back - better than ever - with a fantastic and gigantic MMORPG. Dynamedion is proud to have contributed the soundtrack production and a ton of awesome sound design to the epic saga.

This is what Dynamedion's Tilman Sillescu (Creative Director Music) says:
"The supervising and recording of the soundtrack for TESO was a great pleasure. Brad Derrick and Jeremy Soule have again delivered a fantastic piece of game soundtrack. The vibrant musical themes that you know from previous "The Elder Scrolls“ games have been perfectly transported to the new game to instantly make the player feel at home and to convey the spirit of the world of "The Elder Scrolls". We recorded the soundtrack in Prague (Czech Republic) with the FILMharmonic Orchestra. The soloist recordings were performed in Budapest (Hungary), Frankfurt (Germany) and at the DYNAMEDION Studios in Mainz (Germany)."


In addition to the music production, the Dynamedion sound design team is responsible for designing the sound of the creatures you will run into while playing the game.

Our sound designers have designed more than 1.500 creature SFX for "The Elder Scrolls Online". Besides new and exclusive recorded sounds, BOOM Library's animal libraries (Creatures, Dogs, Wildcats, Horses, upcoming unannounced library) have extensively been used to give the various monsters their voices.

Dynamedion's Michael Schwendler (Lead Sound Designer):
Working on a game with so many creatures was challenging and fun at the same time. Fortunately we had all the BOOM Library stuff. We used a lot of the creatures, horses, dogs and of course the wildcats. We are very proud of the result and being part of such an amazing project.


February, 21st 2014


The polish website "Gamers Listeners / Gracze Sluchacze" interviewed our Creative Director Tilman Sillescu. It's a really great one. Tilman talks about his latest projects (Ryse: Son of Rome), his usual and unusual responsibilities, and gives us a quick lesson about self-promotion.

Gamers Listeners is an awesome blog that's dedicated to game music. You can feel the deep passion for music in almost every article on the page. The guys are doing a great job. It's really worth to stop by once in a while. We can't recommend it enough.

Click here to check out the interview:


January, 30th 2014

The FORCE was with us for a while and during that time we composed and produced some music for Rovio's ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS 2. Although the tickets for the bus to the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine were sold out, the Dynamedion composers managed to get great inspiration to create a great mixture of the Star Wars and Angry Birds theme music.

You can listen to some of the music in the following awesome trailers:


December, 4th 2013

Crytek’s music director and composer Borislav Slavov and Dynamedion’s creative director and award-winning composer Tilman Sillescu teamed up again to compose the soundtrack for Crytek's new video game „Ryse: Son of Rome“. Tilman contributed over 80 minutes of original orchestral music, featuring bombastic percussion parts which were created with Sonuscore/NI’s new percussion library Action Strikes. This time, Borislav and Tilman were working together with Crytek's composer Peter Antovski.

The orchestral soundtrack was recorded in May 2013 at TomTom studios in Budapest, supervised by Tilman, Borislav, Peter and Crytek’s senior audio director Campbell Askew. Tilman’s music was orchestrated by David Christiansen.

Official "RYSE:Son Of Rome website:

PRESS ECHO"A stunning soundtrack, with stunning and epic songs very much in tune with the action that takes place in the game.""The music is of epic proportions and really went to the next level, I think hardcore Hollywood blockbuster when I hear the soundtrack. The music is incredible and gets you in that epic battle mood and makes you feel even more awesome than you already are. If only every game had a soundtrack like this!""The audio matches the “epic” vibe of "Ryse: Son of Rome" with an excellent soundtrack.""The soundtrack also matches the incredible visual flair with a rollicking score.“"The sound of RSoR is a cinematic joy to behold with a sweeping soundtrack by composer Tilman Sillescu.“"Also, the soundtrack that rumbles with the echoes of horns and war drums will immerse you in the experience of combat. RYSE delivers an ear shattering experience that will make you yell “Sparta!”“


November, 5th 2013

The epic journey continues and we’re highly honoured to be part of it: the cinematic Hobbit world opens its gates again and releases the trailer for the second part of the fantastic trilogy. A spectacular event announced with breathtaking music by Dynamedion/Sonuscore, underlining the spirit of courage, passion and adventure of the Hobbit world. We’re joining in the good fight of aural and visual dedication!

Our king of creativity, aka Creative Director Tilman Sillescu, shares his excitement about these news:
"I'm glad to tell that I created the music for the new Hobbit2-Trailer. The fun starts at 0:54! Thanks to Action Strings for the great string sound, Boom Library for deep FX and to Conny Kollet for the epic choir vocals :). And there was extensive use of another upcoming library of ours that is still to be announced ;)…"

Enjoy the trailer:


September, 23rd 2013

Dynamedion has written and produced the catchy intro and the music for seven “Angry Birds Toons” Episodes by Rovio. On March 16th of this year, the first episode was officially aired and after taking off from Finland, the birdies are touring the whole continent. For Germany, Super RTL holds the broadcasting rights.

Enjoy the first episode: "Chuck Time":


July, 2nd 2013

At Microsoft’s 2013 E3 Press Conference, German game developer CRYTEK (Crysis series, Far Cry) has released an impressive gameplay trailer of their upcoming AAA Action-Adventure "RYSE: Son Of Rome".

Parts of the music in the gameplay trailer come from the pen of Dynamedion's lead composer and Creative Director Tilman Sillescu.

Enjoy the trailer:


January, 30th 2013

One of Dynamedion's services is called:"OPEN ORCHESTRA RECORDING SESSION" where anybody can record any amount of music with a full symphonic orchestra. In December 2012, we had a raffle on our SONUSCORE website where you could win 1 minute of your music played by the state-owned orchestra of Brandenburg in Germany. Each one of those who bought a copy of EPICA - ACTION STRINGS automatically participated.

Wally Badarou, a musician from Benin won the recording and was happy to take advantage of Dynamedion's comprehensive service.


Dynamedion takes care of everything: the organization, the orchestration, the recording, the final mix. Read on to see how everything is done in 4 simple steps.

The only thing Wally had to do was to send us an mp3 file of his track along with a MIDI file. You can listen to the mp3 file via the Soundcloud link below:

You can take a look at parts of the final score on the example pictures below.



The recordings have been realized with the German state-owned orchestra of Brandenburg. You can listen to the really beautiful final recordings via the Soundcloud link below:

Shortly after the recordings, Wally received the final mix.

Wally Badarou about the OPEN ORCHESTRA RECORDING SESSIONS:"I believe it is an invaluable chance for composers to auto-produce a performance of their work that they can use as they wish. The sound is excellent, and I am amazed that one did not think of it before. Well done. I didn't know of the service until a got a chance to participate as an offer from Sonuscore, for the last purchase I've recently made from them. All I had to do was supply a 1mn long mp3 file and a cleaned-up version of the midi file. I gave no indication, the music spoke for itself, and the result was superb. I will not forget."

Click here to learn more about Dynamedion's "OPEN ORCHESTRA RECORDING SESSIONS" or directly book your own session. Click here to find out about our next session.

Here's what Wally says about his work "Vesuvio Solo" and the Open Orchestra Recording Session:

I am a self-taught french rock/jazz/funk artist of african origin (Benin), mostly known (in Europe) for my work with britfunk band Level 42, but with eclecticism ranging from african to classical music, and anything in between.

This movement is an excerpt from "Vesuvio Solo", featured on "Words Of A Mountain" (Island/Universal), an electronic album that I devoted to mountains around the globe, the universal wisdom gatekeepers. It is my most cherished work to this date. It was one of the first tapeless albums ever recorded. That was back in 1987, at "Studio W" home-studio, Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas.

It involved a New England Digital's Synclavier II PSMT system, and early MOTU's Performer sequencer running on Apple Macintosh SE-30, both controlling an impressive array of tone modules via MIDI exclusively. All synths were mixed through an Allen & Heath Brenell 20-channel desk directly to a Sony PCM-F1 digital stereo system, no tape machine in between, and absolutely no sampling involved (neither Digital Performer, nor ProTools existed yet).

Tone modules consisted of Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Oberheim OB8, Yamaha TX-816s, Korg DVP-1, and Synclavier's own FM modules. Lexicon PCM-70 was the only reverb unit used throughout the album.

All further details can be found at


April, 24th 2012

The recordings took place in the "Abbey Road Studios" in London with the The London Symphonic Orchestra. Dynamedion was responsible for the management and quality assurance. Our lead composer Tilman Sillescu was on site to supervise the recording session. "Kinect - Star Wars" is a XBOX 360 exclusive game by Lucasarts / Microsoft.

Scroll down to see some pictures of the session.







March, 28th 2012

The video game "Kinect Rush" takes place in the lovely universes of the Disney-Pixar animation movies "Ratatouille", "Toy Story", "The Incredibles", "UP" and "Cars". For this great game, the composers of Dynamedion have provided an epic soundtrack that picks up the beautiful tone of the movies and transposes it to an exciting and entertaining acoustic experience that perfectly accompanies the amazing pictures. The common element between the individual compositions is a great orchestral score. The musical character of each single story is underlined by some specific solo instruments. "Ratatouille", for instance, comes with a beautiful and playful french accordion sound, all "Incredibles" tracks were performed by a live big band while the music for "Cars" features some cool rock band elements like surf guitars, rock organ and modern drums. The orchestral part of the music was live recorded with the 66 player ensemble "FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague".

A beautiful soundtrack for a beautiful game.

Watch a gameplay video with music by Dynamedion:

Watch the trailer:


December, 9th 2011

Crysis 2 was nominated for "Best Soundtrack" at the 2011 "German Game Developer Award" in Düsseldorf and the 2011 "Fun & Serious Game Festival" in Bilbao/Spain

It was the 8th "German Game Developer Award" and the 6th time that a game with music by Dynamedion won the award for "Best Soundtrack". Our Creative Director Tilman Sillescu: "We are really proud and very happy to reap the fruits of our labour. The collaboration with Borislav of Crytek was fantastic. A big Thank You to the jury and the Crysis 2 players all over the world."

The "Fun & Serious Game Festival" was established in 2011. Crysis 2 won the award for "Best European Game Soundtrack" and was able to prevail against well-known games such as "Killzone 3" and "The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings".


September, 30th 2011

BERMUDA TRIANGLE NORTHSEA (Bermuda Dreieck Nordsee) is a modern Eco-Thriller. German actors Hannes Jaenicke, Bettina Zimmermann and others act 140 dramatic minutes backed by a top notch progressive orchestral soundtrack produced by Dynamedion.

The recordings took place in Halle/Saale in eastern Germany and were performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra Halle.

The movie was produced by Dreamtool Entertainment


September, 30th 2011

The action movie WORLD EXPRESS was shot in the beautiful venue of an old Maya-City in Mexico. Dynamedion accompanies this scenery with a stunning world music soundtrack that was live recorded. Mexican trumpets, guitars and latin percussion add this specific touch and increase the effect of these beautiful and authentic pictures.

The movie was produced by UFA


August, 24th 2011

The long-awaited CRYSIS 2 was one of the big winners at this years European Games Award and earned prices in 5 categories including "Best European Game" and "Best European Sound".

Borislav Slavov of Crytek and Tilman Sillescu of Dynamedion together with famous Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer created a spellbinding soundtrack that won the race against designated titles like "Fable 3", "Castlevania - Lords of Shadow" and others.

Tilman Sillescu states the following: "The collaboration with Borislav was fantastic. CRYSIS 2 offered such a huge range of possibilities to unfold creativity. We at Dynamedion have been really satisfied with the soundtrack and are very happy that other people seem to like our work too. Thank you very much."

The orchestral soundtrack was recorded in June 2010 at TomTom studios in Budapest, supervised by Tilman, Borislav and Crytek’s senior audio director Campbell Askew. Additional Dynamedion composers were Alex Pfeffer and Marc Rosenberger. Dynamedion’s music was orchestrated by David Christiansen.

Official European Games Award Website:

Anno 2070 – to be released in winter 2011

April, 27th 2011

Ubisoft announced the release of their new strategy game ANNO 2070 for winter 2011. Once again Dynamedion composed and recorded a memorable soundtrack with live orchestra and choirchoir, as well as creating the complete sound design. This time the setting is slightly different…

Tilman Sillescu, Alexander Röder, Markus Schmidt and Jochen Flach composed the music for this new installment in the Anno Series. As the game is set in the future, the composers from Dynamedion integrated electronic elements and modern beats into the orchestral and choral music, achieving to preserve the monumental sound of the previous games while adding a futuristic, urban touch.

Live orchestra recordings were carried out by the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, with conductors Bernd Ruf and Marko Ivanovic. The grand choir sequences are performed by the Latvian Radio Choir.

Anno 2070 Official Website:

Crysis 2 Soundtrack with music by Dynamedion, Borislav Slavov and Hans Zimmer!

March, 17th 2011

Crytek’s music director and composer Borislav Slavov (a.k.a Glorian) and Dynamedion’s creative director and award-winning composer Tilman Sillescu united their efforts to form the „Crytek Music Team“ and produce the Original Orchestral Score for the upcoming first-person shooter CRYSIS 2. The long-awaited game was developed by Crytek, and published by Electronic Arts, due for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in March 2011.

CRYSIS 2 is a sequel to the 2007’s AAA game CRYSIS, which at that time set a new standard of impressive visuals and is still considered a benchmark for graphics quality in the gaming industry.

Furthermore we are proud to let you know that the legendary Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer also joined the team to deliver iconic main themes for the game.

The orchestral soundtrack was recorded in June 2010 at TomTom studios in Budapest, supervised by Tilman, Borislav and Crytek’s senior audio director Campbell Askew. Additional Dynamedion composers were Alex Pfeffer and Marc Rosenberger. Dynamedion’s music was orchestrated by David Christiansen.

Official Crysis 2 web page:

Borislav Slavov’s blog:

Follow this link for more information: Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu Take Lead Roles on Crysis 2


January, 6th 2011

Dynamedion has just finished their work on the soundtrack for the upcoming RTL Event movie Nina Undercover – Agent with kids. Dynamedion contributed over 90 minutes of modern orchestral music to the action comedy by Simon X. Rost. A part of the soundtrack was performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra Halle. The movie will be broadcasted by RTL in 2011.


September, 2nd 2010

Dynamedion has written and produced the original Asian score for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days™, Square Enix’ chart-topping third-person action game developed by IO Interactive. In liaison with EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia, Dynamedion created 23 authentic-sounding Asian tracks for the game and recorded vocal talent singing in Mandarin backed up by a number of musicians performing Chinese instruments including percussion, Shakuhachi, Fue, violin and Pipa. Here's what the press has had to say about the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days soundtrack so far:

”The atmosphere is further enhanced by Asian inspired pop music blasting from ingame radios and intercoms, giving it an almost John Woo movie feel in certain situations.” – Co-Optimus

“Gorgeous audio” – Official Xbox Magazine UK

“The music also is exceptional and sounds authentic...” – Thumbpad Australia

“…the audio is another stand-out component of the experience.” – AceGamez 

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom soundtrack complete!

April, 20th 2010

Dynamedion finally completed the orchestral soundtrack of the upcoming videogame The Settlers7.  The soundtrack was recorded by the Philharmonic Orchestra Halle and the Brandenburg State Orchestra, the Choir was recorded in Leipzig with members of the MDR Broadcasting Choir. 

First audio examples coming soon...

Dynamedion contributes soundtrack for ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale

February, 13th 2010

Dynamedion recently completed the score for the upcoming videogame Arcania: A Gothic Tale (aka Gothic IV).  The orchestral part of the main theme was already recorded by the Philharmonic Orchestra Halle, while the epic choir part, sung by  20 members of the MDR-Broadcasting Choir, was recorded in the FWL-Studios ( in Leipzig, Germany. The main theme and some other parts of the ingame music feature singer Conny Kollet (Stranglehold, Spellforce) as well. Stay tuned to this site and listen to some audio examples coming soon.

 Arcania’s official homepage:

German Developers Award for Dynamedion!

December, 14th 2009

Dynamedion wins the German Developers Award 2009 (Best Soundtrack) with Anno1404.  After a wonderful award ceremony in the Lichtburg Essen, the entire Dynamedion team celebrated far into the night. 

The soundtrack was recorded with live orchestra, choir and lots of other live instruments – such as the Duduk, Saz or Djembe. Last, but definitely not least, the team was glad to have singer Talia on vocals.

Dynamedion German Developers Award
Dynamedion's music on!

September, 3rd 2009

"" is streaming our music!

This week's featured audio suite on their site is our soundtrack for the videogame "BattleForge" in its suite "Scorenotes: Best of 2009!". 

Hope you enjoy listening: